Artists / Jeremy Deller


Jeremy Deller produced work for 'Romantic Detachment' (2004), the tea urn was a hot rod painted confection, a version of which was sold to the Tate, the version used in 'Romantic Detachment' was given to the Water Yeat Village Hall and they now rent it out.

Jeremy has been involved in the local town of Egremont for some time and introduced Grizedale to it. With Alan Kane he developed the idea of replacing the Greasy Pole, a local landmark, removed from the town by the health and safety officer as an artwork.

In 2010 GA commissioned Jeremy Deller to make a film for Sao Paulo Bienal. 'So Many Ways to Hurt You, the Life and Times of Adrian Street' tells the extraordinary story of Adrian Street who left his coal mining background to become a flamboyant wrestler.

Jeremy Deller won the Turner Prize in 2004.