Artists / Jen Liu


Jen Liu was selected for a Grizedale residency in spring 2005 on the back of her bullish and accomplished animation '2304 is a Beer Drinking Year' (5').

Working in a variety of media, but mostly film, performance and drawing, Jen examines culture and politics through a patchwork of pop culture references including music, icons, narrative tropes, digital and print graphics.

The results see the creation of imaginary fantastical worlds in which aspects of the real world are intensified through allegory and hidden motivations, further heightened through the use of mass media aesthetics. Often starting with a positive premise such as universal peace, the future as a beer drinking utopia, new international holidays and rediscovered spirituality, Liu makes up fictional narratives that bring these premises to their il/logical conclusion. However, what at first appears to be both pop and pleasurable on the surface; on closer inspection reveals that all-too familiar, dark and sinister world.

During her residency Jen was taken to Rydal Caves, the ruins of Furness Abbey, Millom, Haverigg stone circle, Blackpool Illuminations, and Egremont.

Jen is of the 'cards close to the chest' school of research and development, not really revealing much of her mind during her stay, happy and contented enough and just soaking it all in. Shortly after the data came back to us with a shrink wrapped hybrid world of stone-worshipping prog rock monks all distilled from the spirit of West Cumbria.

Jen is one of three Grizedale associates who have allegedly copped off with Jude Law (on separate occasions).