Artists / Guestroom


Guestroom was a collaboration between artists Ruth Hoflich and Maria Zeb Benjamin.

Their initial research residency in March/April 2007 led to a continuing dialogue with Grizedale Arts through the projects 'Happystacking', 'CreamTVfields' and 'Agrifashionista'.

They are currently finishing a major commission for Lawson Park Library and The Coniston Institute.

Guestroom produced an eponymous annual publication, working with the concept of the page as exhibition space, and books as self-contained autonomous environments. They also ran an ongoing extended and related programme of meetings, groups and events.

Their programme of activity was largely rooted in a London based community of artists and creatives, evolving into a number of networks. As with many artists, this approach has somewhat come unstuck with Grizedale as the work in Nanling and Coniston has forced them out of their comfort zone where the sounding board/support mechanism of their peer group is removed.

From this position Guestroom devised a new tougher methodology, to create new networks and applications in the uncharted territory of these dysfunctional contemporary rural communities.