Artists / Graham Fagen


Graham Fagen’s sculptural work was launched at Grizedale Live in 2002, entitled ‘The Forest and the Forester (After Maeterlinck)’. The work comprises of a planting of 12 Scots pine within special enclosures, it can be found close to Lawson Park at Map Ref. E11.

The sculpture has an accompanying play of the same title, which is set at the site of the sculpture. The site overlooks Coniston Water where Donald Campbell died in 1967 on board the Bluebird.

The script is based on the Forest Scene from Maurice Maeterlinck’s play 'The Blue Bird'. Accompanying the planting of the trees was a book (also called 'The Forest and the Forester (After Maeterlinck)'), in which Graham reproduced the scene in question. The book can be found in the Lawson Park library.

Grizedale Arts also published another book by Fagen, 'Botanica' charts various art projects from the previous four years where flowers and plants have insinuated themselves into Graham's work. This can be found both in the library and the shop.

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