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Glenn Boulter multi-tasked as photographer, waiter and musician, providing a soundtrack to delight any retired village community for 'Heaven's Kitchen'. After the meal Glenn teamed up with Adam Sutherland to DJ as the Sons of Birds, spinning a select mix of rare gospel vinyl. For all the aficionados, the playlist included: Violinaires – 'Grooving with Jesus', Tommy Ellison - 'Let that be a Lesson to You (Drunk Driver)', Gospel Keynotes - 'That's my Son Hanging on the Cross', 5 Singing Sons – 'Are You Lonely for me Jesus', Ziontones – 'Use me Jesus'. Proper biblical.

Glenn also produces artist's books under the Earwig Books imprint and works with sound as a member of the performance group Aurelie. He is also a co-founder of the sonic arts organisation Octopus and one half of the tape collage project Twilight Gatherers.

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