Artists / Fernando García-Dory


Internationally acclaimed as the nicest Spanish artist Martin Kohout has ever met, Fernando García-Dory was selected for the 2010–2011 residency programme.

Based in the north of Spain Fernando has led numerous projects in the rural setting, and is labelled a neo-pastoral artist and agroecologist. His work focuses on themes affecting current relationships between culture and nature in the framework of the landscape, the rural, utopia and social change.

Fernando often uses self-organizing strategies, initiating collaborative agroecological projects and co-operatives. His major works to date include organising an experimental shepherd's school (2004–ongoing) in Spain, that attracts serious farmers—not just 'art' farmers—worldwide. He has also worked frequently with and was a member of Shifting Ground Collective, an art-architecture group that spent time at Grizedale between 2007–2009.

Fernando specialises in artisan cheeses and in April 2011 led a cheesemaking course for young Cumbrian farmers. The cheeses were cultivated in Ruskin's ice house at Brantwood.

Some say the taste of 'Big JR' lingers in the mould.