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Fairland Collective

Fairland Collective are Emily Cropton, Motoko Fujita, Brenda Kearney, Niamh Riordan and Francesca Ulivi: a group of artists and designers who have been through the Grizedale volunteer system, and have collaborated for the past two years on Grizedale projects including the one which brought them together, 'A Fair Land' (2017), at IMMA Dublin where they developed a range of "useful, desirable and achievable" products and ran a courgette-based café.

Now working as an independent collective they draw upon a wide range of skills - from photography to landscape architecture, cheese and fish mongering, baking and "bad italian" cookery - in order to produce projects which build upon the idea of arts being useful in the everyday and the artist having a functional role in the community.

Projects include 'One Pot' (2017/2018) – working with Sefton Council Libraries to develop a kit for regular one pot community meals, and 'The Dream of Kiwanosoto' – proposing new uses for a community owned farmhouse in rural Japan.