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Clio Barnard is an artist and filmmaker whose work has been shown in cinemas, at international film festivals and at galleries including Tate Modern and Tate Britain, London, and MoMA, New York. She won 2010 'Best British Newcomer Award' at London Film Festival and was the recipient of a Paul Hamlyn Award in 2005 and the 2007 Jerwood/Artangel Open.

In 2001 Clio and team transformed our HQ Lawson Park as the principal set for her dark short film, ‘Flood’. Then, the farm was nearly derelict and offered an austere setting for the film, which explored the awkward relations of a father-daughter relationship with a missing mother. We vividly remember wading through several inches of mud in what is now the cottage lounge, and the set designer's paint, which never dried.

Clio has since directed several successful feature films - The Arbor, The Selfish Giant and Dark River.

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