Artists / Bryan Davies


Bryan Davies was selected for a residency as part of a collaborative practice with Dan Robinson, and together they developed a project for 'Cumbriana Proof' called Thinking Space for the North (an identity for Low Parkamoor). Centered at the then derelict Parkamoor farm in the Lake District, the project developed ideas for how the site might be used through exhibitions and live events that created a dialogue with the public, and ultimately a scheme was instituted within the space.

Phase two of the project involved improving the fabric of the farmhouse and site within an existing vernacular of skills and materials relevant to the locality. The project as it evolved was represented within the projects 'Return of The Seven Samurai', and 'Virtually Grizedale'.

In 2006 Bryan also worked with Laura Davies as part of the 'Happy Stacking' residency in China, creating two separate projects linked through the ethos of the program. 'Pimp my Ping Fang' saw Bryan moving (as is usual for him) between the creative scope of an architect and artist. Bryan envisioned a redevelopment within the mountain village of Nanling which played up the uniqueness and benefits of the current housing situation, yet with more social hubs including silver surfer internet cafes, vegetable garden shops, fashion boutiques and other micro-business, and more garden space on rooftops linked by arial walkways. The redevelopment would attract tourists keen to see 'another' China, with its own contemporary applications, whilst opening the district up for the self control and self organisation of a sustainable living project.