Artists / Ben Sadler


Ben Sadler is best known as one half of Juneau Projects, however he has also taken part in a couple of projects without his Juneau Brother Phil.

In 2007 he appeared on an image used to promote; originally Jonathan Meese and Ben were going to pose as freaky rural twins in tight overalls designed by Giles Deacon, accompanied by two pigs, generating ideas around a Noah’s ark, post-apocalyptic new world/utopia. It didn’t go exactly to plan as Jonathan cried off at the last minute and GA Director Adam Sutherland had to get a wig and take his place. Also, design firm YES Photoshop-ed in a third pig, which lost some of the image’s symbiotic charge.

In the same year Ben also did some work in a village in Japan as part of the 'Seven Samurai' project.