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Art School Graduate

Art School Graduate was a musical combo formed in the early 2000s by art school graduates Ben Sadler and Phil Duckworth, better known as Juneau Projects. The band’s modus operandi was outlined by Ben in a classified ad placed in the NME:

ART SCHOOL GRADUATE seeks like minded units to construct sonic plinth. Neutral alignment preferred. Call 07817683415 Email

In September 2002 they headlined ‘Lawless’ at the Grizedale Visitor Centre. Gallerist, Ceri Hand, rained praise on their, "heart-wrenching performances of Miss Dynamite’s ‘It Takes More’ and Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’. They conveyed an exhilarating, exciting, hilarious, melancholy and thought-provoking set that convinced me on the spot that if ever I were to get married I’d invite them to perform at the ‘do’. Those boys know a thing or two about romance."

The distinction between Art School Graduate and Juneau Projects is that, back then, Phil and Ben knowingly underwhelmed the audience.

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