Artists / Anna Best


Anna Best first worked at Grizedale in the early 1990's when she was a sculpture protegee of Anthony Caro. She worked to cast and invert a mountain top in a project called 'Map', concerned with the process of recording the earth's surface. She fell out with Caro when she moved away from sculpture with a work that was basically a garden shed filled with stuff that suggested that an identifiable personality used the space. Anna says that Caro publicly berated her for her betrayal of pure sculptural values. The attack had a profound effect on her, and she stopped making work for some time.

Later, her seminal work, an urban gymkhana called 'A Real Pony Race for a Bridle' (1997) for the South London Gallery provided the impetus for an invitation from Grizedale to undertake a residency. This eventually became a collaborative project with Karen Guthrie, Nina Pope and Simon Poulter under the moniker 'People from Off'. This resulted in the very people-focused 'Festival of Lying'.

Anna is a brilliant and indiscriminate documentor, filming everything and recording the smallest and most apparently insignificant of details. Anna has since moved to the country idyll of Dorset (where she runs her own occasional residency programme, The Mothership) and continues to have contact with Grizedale.