Artists / Adam Chodzko


Adam Chodzko has worked with us on many projects over the years.

During his first residency in 2001, his main activity was filming for his major work 'Recipe for a Spell'. The film shows a series of social spaces from the contemporary British landscape, to create the formula for a spell:

The spell is to experience clarity.

Scenes including folk events, foot-and-mouth pyres and a demolition derby play on a DVD encoded to randomly assemble the sound, vision and subtitles. The generated sequences are infinitely unpredictable, and the work vacillates between order and disorder in both structure and content. You can view an extract online here.

Adam also produced further versions of his flare work, lighting the dark corners of hire videos, and his 'Better Scenery' (2000–2002) project which resulted in an image for our Forest Billboard linked to an image in the Turin Fiat factory.

He also made a sign for Summerhill, the house used for artist’s residencies until the redevelopment of Lawson Park in 2007. Another small project was an editioned flag made from a space blanket, which surprisingly had the ability to vogue.

Lawson Park is also home to an Eric Lyons designed chair, reupholstered by Adam using a leather jacket bearing the logo of the anti-punk band Crass. You can read more about this cultural collision in a seat, on our Lawson Park website where all will become clear.

For our 2004/5 project Romantic Detachment at PS1 in New York, Adam made 'White Magic' and 'Guide For a Parade with Two Masks', both 80-slide carousel projections. Each proposed a route for the viewer, alternating between the ‘wearing’ of one mask filter and another, and between one location and another.  At each site Chodzko was led by a guide, often a child, or a stranger, on a meandering path through their territory.  The final sequence is a proposition for a possible parade route, impossible to fulfill physically because of its vacillation, therefore existing as deferral, a suggestion, and an experience of a carnival procession that might therefore operate in the relationship between art object and viewer.

In 2012/13 we co-curated with Tate Adam's project 'Because...', one of two Schwitters-focused commissions (the other being by Laure Prouvost). Adam produced an expansive installation at tate Britain inspired by the relationship between Kurt Schwitters in his final years in exile in the Lake District and a wealthy business man in the US.

Adam has also done time at Parkamoor, Grizedale's isolated, off-grid farm house.