What We've Done: 2013

Alongside maintaining the momentum in the village and the Coniston Institute, this year we further pushed the programme of village content, trying to create a cultural export for an international context and testing out approaches derived from local activities abroad.

Laure Prouvost visited us often in 2012/13, holding an exhibition of her winning Turner Prize work at our local Ruskin Museum, including the newly-created Wantee Tea Fountain featuring ceramics by GA director Adam Sutherland.

Tania Bruguera visited us to work on an exhibition centred on the archive of Art Util. We collaborated on the writing of her manifesto and on the selection of projects for the archive and exhibitions she was planning, as well as contributing to the Van Abbe Museum's exhibition with a version of Coniston's Honest Shop.

In 2013 we also worked extensively with John Byrne of Liverpool John Moore University, on an 'Office of Useful Art’ as part of Tate Liverpool’s ‘Art Turning Left: How Values Changed Making 1789-2013’ exhibition.