2019's Last Volunteer Call Open

We just said goodbye to June's volunteers (pictured from L to R - Lucy, Sophie, Nikita & Eliza) who did amazing work across Lawson Park's gardens, craft & building projects.

We've had 20 residential volunteers already this year at Lawson Park - Thank you to each and every one of you.

Our next and last call to volunteer with us later this year is now open until June 21st.

Travel over here for application details.


June 29 & 30 2019: Save Those Dates

We hope you can join us on the last weekend of June to celebrate 20 years of Adam Sutherland as director and 10 years of life at Lawson Park - it's us or Glasto, you decide.

There's a plethora of delights involved, and Adam will remove his Crocs for the dinner.
Read all about it and book your place/s here.


Joy For Ever at the Whitworth

We're delighted to have contributed to Manchester's big Ruskin-themed show at the Whitworth Gallery, now steered by our ex-deputy Alastair Hudson.

We have collected together documentation of 101 projects we have done over the last decade with the communities of Coniston village and with its Institute, which was revived by Ruskin when he moved here in the late 19th century.

Works shown range from new tiles made by Tom Philipson, a sausage sausage dog by Coniston Youth Club and a new community garden outline by Hayatsu Architects & Karen Guthrie which is planned for the Whitworth.

Thanks go to Francesca Ulivi who helped pull this show together at very short notice.

The exhibition runs until June 9, more visiting info here.


RESUBSCRIBE or lose our love

If you have ever been on our Mailing List you should have this week received an email that looks a bit like this picture - please do not ignore it, but be aware that if you don't follow its instructions, or go here to re-subscribe, we'll be strangers once more.

And we don't put everything on our social media, you know......

Blowing Our Own Trumpet

Watch a new short film that asks that million dollar question, 'What did Grizedale Arts do for you?'
Thanks to everyone who took part.

Bedside Reading Freebie

Copies of GA director Adam Sutherland's personal and very irreverent Exhibition Guide to his magnum opus, 'The Land We Live In, The Land We Left Behind' are available free by mail from us now.

Drop us a line for your copy, it's a great read for anyone who needs to know how Henry Moore connects to Otis Redding.

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Open call for the Japan Summer Architecture School - closing date 7th June more info...

Posted by Grizedale Arts on Monday, 27 May 2019

More information on the summer school here www.grizedale.org/projects/the-10-year-dream-of-kiwanasato

Posted by Grizedale Arts on Friday, 10 May 2019

Open call for Japan summer school - part of the Confederacy of Valleys project- other schools coming up will include horticulture and food processing, Hosting and Art and Education

Posted by Grizedale Arts on Friday, 10 May 2019

Grizedale Arts is offering one place on an activity trip to rural Japan - the 8 day experience (10th – 18th May 2019) is...

Posted by Grizedale Arts on Friday, 5 April 2019

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