Blowing Our Own Trumpet

Watch a new short film that asks that million dollar question, 'What did Grizedale Arts do for you?'
Thanks to everyone who took part.

Dear Alumni - Help This Website

Can you help us?
(We hope) some of you have noticed the gradual upgrading of this website, especially areas like Artists.

It's a very popular bit of the website, and we want it to help link people to your work.
We feature a little text on your time with us, a link to your own website (if you have one), and - and this is the important bit here - a picture of you.

Now, like the picture above, a lot of these pictures online are - frankly - awful. Low res, borrowed from elsewhere or just plain nasty. So, if you're listed here on the website Artists section please take a few seconds to:

- Check your entry

- Look out a good res photo (say, 2MB or so) of yourself you'd be happy for us to use (and that we legally can)

- Email it through to us

- If you have your own website and/or Instagram, make sure we get that too

Peter Hodgson: Making, A Life: THE BOOK OF THE SHOW

Peter's first retrospective exhibition, which started life at the Coniston Institute in 2017 is now open at Middlesbrough Museum of Modern Art (MIMA). The show runs till 3rd February 2019. As this is the last tour date for the exhibition pretty much everything is for sale alongside Peter's usual sought-after retail stock such as spoons, horn brooches and etched glassware.

The exhibition also sees the launch of Peter's first ever monograph, a lavishly illustrated hardcover tome of his works with accompanying essays, available here from our Shop now.

Listen in on BBC Radio 4

'The series is an argument for observing our material world better and for understanding the way we make objects, and objects, in turn, make us.'

A while back we contributed to this very interesting chat with architecture collective Assemble, and here at last are the results in radio form: 'The Sympathy of Things'

Available live or on the iPlayer for ages, of course.


Big in Japan

We've been back in rural Japan for a few weeks, developing the 'Dream of Kiwanasato' project. Recent work includes refurbishing a beautiful historic house for use by forthcoming artists in residence.
Follow us on Instagram with the #dreamofkiwanasato for envy-inducing images of noodles and bamboo.

Autumnal Bedside Reading Freebie

Copies of GA director Adam Sutherland's personal and very irreverent Exhibition Guide to his magnum opus, 'The Land We Live In, The Land We Left Behind' are available free by mail from us now.

Drop us a line for your copy, it's a great read for anyone who needs to know how Henry Moore connects to Otis Redding.




Freddie Wiltshire and Billy Adams making the new garden shed-incorporating Charles Holland's Foundation Myths tree stumps

Posted by Grizedale Arts on Saturday, 8 December 2018
Posted by Grizedale Arts on Monday, 19 November 2018
Posted by Grizedale Arts on Monday, 19 November 2018

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