Grizedale Arts


Anna Best

Residency date: 2000 – 2001

As a series of four New Media opportunities, the artists elected to work together on a series of collaborative projects, including David Shuttleworth (Rally Hopeful) and The Festival of Lying.
David Shuttleworth (Rally Hopeful) is a Grizedale forester and aspiring rally driver, with whom the collaborated over a 9 month period whilst in residence at Grizedale. They raised his profile locally and with national sponsors, creating promotional material (e.g. the website and a billboard poster) and working with him to increase his competitiveness.

The project is represented by the archive website, a documentary video and related artefacts which were first exhibited at the Grizedale Show in September 2000.

On Saturday 16 September 2000 the artists launched the Festival Of Lying at Grizedale Theatre. In collaboration with four recent winners from the World's Biggest Liar Competition they investigated the unique mix of truth and received wisdom that constitutes a successful lie. The Festival celebrated and debated lying in all its forms.
During the day there were contributions by leading figures from the media, e-commerce, psychology, crop circles and the paranormal, culminating with a panel discussion chaired by writer Jon Ronson. The entire day was webcast live including the 'Little Liars' contest, a local Elvis tribute, and video screenings.

In the evening Cumbria's top liars John Graham, Howard Christie, James Mason and Cliff Atkinson performed four specially commissioned lies accompanied by projections mixed live by the artists.