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Thursday 17 June '10
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Coniston Arts and Crafts Society Annual Exhibition

Coniston Arts and Crafts Society
Annual Arts & Crafts exhibition
The Institute, Yewdale Road, Coniston, Cumbria
Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th June
10am - 4pm

Grizedale Arts presents
'Craft Salon at the Mechanics Institute'
Presenting an interpretation of The Coniston Mechanics Institute, a village education and social centre first established in the early 19th century, an historic centre
used for the local development of the woodcarving and lace making industries initiated by John Ruskin.
Craft demonstrations, talks and discussion happening throughout the day
Demonstrations include Web Design, Stone Carving, Wood Bending, Book Binding,
Pottery, Sonic sculpture, collage, vegetable sculpture
With Further contributions and workshops from

Charlie Whinney, Peter Martin, Naomi Kashiwagi, Dorian Moore, Glen Boulter, Liz Rowe,Chris Poolman, Rebbecca Bibby.

And an on the day publication on what Craft means to you with Harry Blackett and Robin Kirkham

With talks by Dr Charlie Gere, Adam Sutherland, John Bryne, Alistair Hudson
Admission at the door by donation, refreshments available

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Thursday 3 June '10
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Cumbria Tragedy

Our deepest sympathies go out to all those affected by this devastating event.

Saturday 22 May '10
(from Grizedale Arts Blog)

Manager post @ Florence Centre, Egremont

A great job has come up, originating in our 'Creative Egremont' project a few years back - managing the new arts programme at the Florence Centre in the former mining buildings of Egremont.

See job details here - deadline Friday 11th June

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Friday 14 May '10
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Out of the Furness and into the Hothouse

An open evening of creative experiment - like a salon thing, you know, hang around, chat, laugh at people.

Come along, take part. If you would like to present your work or do something interesting

call Andrew Deakin on 01229 581127

Monday 17 May 7.30 - 10.30 pm

Lanternhouse The Ellers, Ulverston

Free, Free, Free

Already definitely happening - more to come

Live experimental sounds by the Octopus collective and a Gramaphone performance by Naomi Kashiwagi

'One Word for Ulverson' - pottery workshop with Adam Sutherland

Films by Damon Packard, Olivia Plender and Ken Russell, Marcus Coates, Jordan Baseman,

Olaf Breuning and Nathaniel Mellors presented by raconteur Alistair Hudson

Bumper stickers, sun strips and decals workshop with Maria Benjamin - something you want to say

about politics, love or religion in coloured vinyl on your car, make it here and now

'Picturesque Pleasantry to Environmental Fury' a lecture by Howard Hull, Director of Brantwood

'Filthy Foreign Food' by Karen Guthrie

Drinks by Lanternhouse

Saturday 8 May '10
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Picken on my Chicken

Larry Birdsong's Picken on my Chicken

One of the hens is taking a battering, she used to be the Queen, then she went broody and now she's looking to be on the way out. I've moved her to the fruit cage but will I ever to able to reintroduce her. Check out the funky R&B soundfile for good advice. I find 60's soul has the answer for most major problems.

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Tuesday 13 April '10
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Grizedale finally does Face book

Maria opened a face book page for us, after years of resisting, finding it a bit unnerving for some reason,the visibility of all the connections is a bit scary, too much information, one's whole past at the finger tips. I know everyone else is totally used to it all.

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Tuesday 13 April '10
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Craft Rally

I am talking at this event next week, all about crafts and the re visiting of the political ambitions of crafts, at least I think thats the gist of it, doing the coefficients dinner in the evening just to make it a bit more full on.


Friday 9 April '10
(from Grizedale Arts Blog)

Fairweather Gardener

Michael Bentines Potting Time.

As I seem to have spent most of 2010 buried in a laptop writing funding applications, proposals, pontificating and prose (oh and galavanting off to summery Brazil), all that Ruskin talk made me make some time for garden time today. Not quite green gym, but at least sewn three trays of Pak Choi, Guy Lan and Choi Sum, all courtesy of the Manchester Chinese Allotment Ladies via the Mother in Law. If those babies take we're in for some sweet mother veg this year. Oh Christ, look I'm at the laptop again.

Friday 9 April '10
(from Grizedale Arts Blog)


Lucy Livingstone and Sarah Cook paint eggs!

Edward Bailey, Lucy Livingstone and Lucy MacDonald have started work on the internship programme. Lucy L and Ed have been focused on working outside getting the garden underway, with Lucy working on the honesty stall grappling with the vaguries of voluntary payments. She has made lots of cakes, on one day people left money for them on another not!

Lucy MacDonald will be working on the collection so expect to see lots more entries on the Lawson Park collection site shortly.

We will shortly be announcing the residencies and commissions, its been taking a while to get everything in place.

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Sunday 28 March '10
(from Grizedale Arts Blog)

Chicken Update

Chicken arrivals - blog entry by popular demand

6 Chickens arrived from Barrow - coughing slightly from their car journey in with Julie - a kind donation from a friend of Julie's, (the chickens not the cough)

Apart from escaping almost immediately from the pen, (where they are kept for their own protection - principally from walker's dogs), they have settled in and started laying immediately. Ed built up the fence to Colditz standards, (he has been reading the 'One The Got Away' - an account of Grizedale's history as a prisoner of war camp) and I have cut their wing feathers off with a pair of rusty sissors.

The chicken types are as far as I can make out

1 Ameraucana (lays blue eggs, Chilean cross-breed)

3 Maran (the 70s dream Chicken, dark brown eggs to go with the dark brown bread and everything else)

2 Australorp (Orpington Austalian cross, light brown eggs and lots of them)

Karen has suggest calling them after female gospel singers, so - Albertina, Shirley, Clara, Cassietta, Inez, Dorothy, Loleatta, Bessie, Doris, Delores - they do all seem to be rather chickeny names - any preferences? Could simplify matters by grouping them, also under Gospel names, so the 3 Jones Sisters, The Consolers, Gloria Spencer (who worked with the by line the worlds largest gospel singer).

Listen to this for a slightly odd rap about being big and the problems of getting buried.

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