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Sunday 28 March '10
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Chicken Update

Chicken arrivals - blog entry by popular demand

6 Chickens arrived from Barrow - coughing slightly from their car journey in with Julie - a kind donation from a friend of Julie's, (the chickens not the cough)

Apart from escaping almost immediately from the pen, (where they are kept for their own protection - principally from walker's dogs), they have settled in and started laying immediately. Ed built up the fence to Colditz standards, (he has been reading the 'One The Got Away' - an account of Grizedale's history as a prisoner of war camp) and I have cut their wing feathers off with a pair of rusty sissors.

The chicken types are as far as I can make out

1 Ameraucana (lays blue eggs, Chilean cross-breed)

3 Maran (the 70s dream Chicken, dark brown eggs to go with the dark brown bread and everything else)

2 Australorp (Orpington Austalian cross, light brown eggs and lots of them)

Karen has suggest calling them after female gospel singers, so - Albertina, Shirley, Clara, Cassietta, Inez, Dorothy, Loleatta, Bessie, Doris, Delores - they do all seem to be rather chickeny names - any preferences? Could simplify matters by grouping them, also under Gospel names, so the 3 Jones Sisters, The Consolers, Gloria Spencer (who worked with the by line the worlds largest gospel singer).

Listen to this for a slightly odd rap about being big and the problems of getting buried.

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Saturday 13 March '10
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I'm lovin' it

We have lunch at the Heliopolis branch of MacDonalds. A scratch built version of the burger chain that was recently threatened with legal action by McD's - obviously a serious threat to the food giant.

But I can see why, as it's actually really good. I have a prime steak sandwhich with salad and a freshly pressed tropical fruit drink, more than my five a day.

NB there are no fat people in Sao Paulo.

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