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Monday 25 May '09
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We plough the fields and scatter

Ladina Fessler working on Lawson Park's meadow

This Bank Holiday sees us reinstating what was the lawn bit of the wlldflower meadow in front of Lawson Park -underneath this soil is the equivalent of a small house containing the water and drainage for the new hostel. Here's our jolly Swiss intern Ladina weeding....

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Sunday 17 May '09
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Nordic Eightsome

Loose suit Jack

Just back from a most untimely trip to Denmark and Sweden looking at craft and design. A full account of the ins and outs of the world of mid century modernism and other things like, what is craft for? you can look at the trip's own website and blog - it was an Arts Council event to look at how to develop crafts in the UK.

I was interested to see Paul Potts - whom I initially mistook for Jack Dee - plastered very large outside the Danish Crafts Council, the poster promoted the very recently unknown Paul with the fact that he has had 60 million hits on You Tube - interesting no?

Wednesday 13 May '09
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Holy Trinity

Chair exhibition

Morris, Guille, Lyons, three great UK designers from the 1940's and 50's all ready to move into Lawson Park, barr a little upholstery including Adam Chodzko's Leather jacket intervention


Sunday 3 May '09
(from Grizedale Arts Blog)

The Long Goodbye

Lunchtime drinking starts already at Lawson Park

Lisa Stewart has been gamely managing the building project here at Lawson Park for yonks and recently those of us left on site now it's (kinda) finished (a few builders, Adam, me, Lisa & Alistair) cracked open the champagne to christen the building and to thank her in the best way we know how.

Lisa's hands in the photo show she's earned that mug of bubbly.

Lisa will be back and forth for a while yet tying up loose ends and plans to relocate to Ireland in the near future.


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