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Friday 29 August '08
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If Hieronymous Bosch had seen this he wouldn't have done that (the Pete Tong mix)

Keeping a safe distance, as art always does.

Last weekend, whilst the open garden at Lawson Park roared with the appreciative nodding of the gathering gentiles, I descended into the pit of heathen depravity that was Creamfields dance music festival. Grizedale were there to collaborate with John Moores University’s SITE projects department to experiment with an almost-live internet TV station for Creamfields.

From the sanctity of a makeshift edit suite in a portakabin in the production compound, pairs of camera crews wheeled away into the 40,000 morass of heavy beats, fake tan and neon bra tops. The scene in production subsequently took on the feel of a WWII RAF camp, with crews coming and going with tales of the front line and rest, tea and fags on the summer grass between.

The project was an attempt to equate the gentle world of art making with the extreme experience spectacle of mass popular culture. A meeting that ordinarily ends up with art getting its head stamped on. With Grizedale contributions to the big screen, you can see it’s hard for art to come close to making an impact in its usual mindset. Marcus Coates was due to perform the ultimate conclusion to his shaman act on the big stage, to the baying sea of e-ed up scallywags and wannawags. Cream got cold feet, not really because it was too weird, but more for his own safety. But it could’ve been pretty good. Carnage, but pretty good.

It’s this taking on of the mess of the bigger world that we need and aim to do. At this stage I’d give the project a 5 out of 10, but I’d go back for a 8.5 next year and by 2012 looking to meet the LOCOG and DCMS targets for straight golds in mass participation and synchronised vomiting.

For a taste of the action and some light discussion go to

Monday 25 August '08
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Best use Google Earth next time

Yesterday saw Team Grizedale (& Team Guthrie, Pope-Olden, Watson, Quinn, Falconer et al) welcome several hundred visitors to the first Open Garden at our HQ Lawson Park.
Exact figures and photos to come - but a huge thankyou to all involved.

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