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Monday 28 July '08
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Too hot for bees

This should work

so they line up on the landing board and fan the hive to cool it down. How do they work that out? its weird, first they have to know that if the hive gets too hot it's bad for the babies, then they have to work out that wind will cool it then they have to work out that their wings could alternatively be used as a fan and all that without a brain - genius and all together.

Monday 28 July '08
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Full Details of National Gardens Scheme Open Day at Lawson Park, Aug. 24th 2008

Bog Garden, July 2008
Bog Garden, July 2008

Lawson Park, East of Lake Coniston

TELEPHONE: 015394 41050

LA21 8AD
5m E of Coniston. From Coniston Village follow signs East of Lake/Brantwood, car park signed 1m after Brantwood car park. Please use free minibus (runs every 10 mins) from Machell's Coppice car park. On foot 10 mins steep walk up established footpath from car park.

Historic hill farm overlooking Coniston, which since 2001 has been restored to a working smallholding, productive and ornamental gardens, and artist's residency base. Approx 5 acres of reclaimed fellside in spectacular setting. Informal herbaceous, woodland, bog and wild gardens (incl wild flower meadow) and organic kitchen garden with apiary. Many experimental plantings and unusual seed-grown perennials and trees. Wildlife includess deer, red squirrels, badgers, bats and slow worms. Produce for sale.

Adm £3.50, chd free (share to Grizedale Arts)
Cream teas
Day & Early Evening Opening, teas & wine, Sun 24 Aug (12-7). Visitors also welcome by appt July to Sept only, groups of between 10 - 20 (on site parking by prior arrangement).

NB - Lawson Park farmhouse is currently in the process of a major refurbishment, and is not part of this event

Thursday 24 July '08
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Who needs artists

The builders continue with their series of projects exploring how the building occupies and relates to the space around it. The first project was to plant seeds found in the walls as an ironic ritual - bringing the past back to life - criticing the notion of the shaman figure within 20 century practice. They then took down all the walls and rebuilt them in a different material before facing them with the material the walls were originally made from - exploring authenticity and the concept of presence and absence. The newest work sees the positioning a red monkey with a tennis racket at various points around the building, highlighting the 3 dimensional nature of the space for a virtual audience, extending this notion of the flat into our understanding of the natural and unnatural whilst cross referencing Alan Partridge as a symbol of the confusion of contemporary identity - sounds like a Giorgio Saddotti work.

Thursday 24 July '08
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Nature is cruel


Those bloody mice have been picking unripe strawberries like there is no tomorrow - like the cats play with the mice before they kill them so the mice play with the innocent and vunerable strawberry (they are after the seeds and they stock pile them collecting them up in big pyramids). Its enough to make a japanese strawberry otaku cry (they is a weekly magazine in japan dedicated to the strawberry and read by the young and the trendy)

It does however persuade me of the value of cats, and that's a first - trouble is ours are not here just now.

Ted Taylforth, a local farmer visited Lawson Park last night and we trailed around the woods looking for a field he remebered ploughing and planting with potatoes 50 years ago - we found it eventually, the old hedge line and some fence posts still there. Ted has a line in story telling that is very detailed, mostly stories seemed to have brutally tragic deaths at the end of them but during the telling there was a lot of mundane detail to do with car types and sandwiches - kinda made the endings even worse

Topics: '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''

Tuesday 22 July '08
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Overthought and over your head

Ruskin would turn in his phrase

Collectors of ante-Ruskiniana will be delighted with the new addition to the Grizedale Arts' Overthought range of products which has now hit the shelves of the Grizedale Arts on-line store. Modelled here by a suitable youth of mixed ethnicity (my eldest son George) in order to keep the funders chipper, the ruskin blue cap in 100% cotton is produced by local firm Coniston Corporate, hand embroidered (in a windowless breezeblock room because the LDNP Planning Authority won't allow windows for people who actually live and work here in case it offends the tourists) with the despoiled quote There is no life but wealth in Ruskin's favoured font colour of red.

A hit with our board members, make sure sure you get yours now - a snip at £12.00 + p&p, be the talk of the town at Bungalow8 or Loungelover or The Red Lion with yours. To order call or email at the usual.

Other product is the range include Giles Deacon farm clothing, heavy garden benches and Mutant Barrovian Dog Penguin Donkeys

Friday 11 July '08
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Overthought - The Coniston Water Festival

The Coniston Water Festival starts today now completely run by the village with a fair bit of help on the management side from Lisa, they have a packed programme of stuff, including the world skimming championships and Britain's top unsigned band (that sounds a bit like top of the bottom). A full weekend. Lawson Park will be taking a stall at the Odd Market - a kind of farmers market meets craft/local enterprise. We will be featuring the work of local folk art guru Peter Hodgson (work in the collections of Jurgen Teller and Peter Greenaway). And the Dog Planter man Peter Inman (collected by fashion superstar Giles Deacon) We will also feature produce from the garden, wild food and other material from the Honesty Box network.

The baseball cap featuring the reversal of a famous Ruskin quote was described by the Coniston Corporate Embroidery company as 'overthought', an uncommon complaint almost unknown in the area.

'There is no life but wealth'

Tuesday 8 July '08
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Bee trouble

Lawson park's 4 beehives are suffering from the bizarre spring and early summer weather here - 5 weeks without rain then 3 with nothing but.
We have to feed each colony a gallon of sugar water (in July !) to try and kickstart the queens' laying and get those girls out there again.

Monday 7 July '08
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Work Weekend

Thats a pink cadillac in the background bydeway

The assault on the paddy fields by artist/lecturer Steve Duval and students from Oxford Brookes University and a brilliant lunchtime talk by Site manager and Liverpool John Moore's University lecturer John Byrne was only slightly marred by a continual downpour...

Here's some images from the group who were Graham Dorey, Andrew Hunter, Warren Shaw, Perce Jerrom, Seb Thomas and Steve Duval. They also found a press shot from the film Vroom, made up at the house and the reason it is such tasteful colours - an 80's art directors idea of what a farm house would be, painted over those dreary browns in Farrow and Ball heritage paint - the very same paint that is still in production and we were able to buy.

On the down side the film was also responsible for removing all the slates from the now wrecked barn in order to redo the house roof

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