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Thursday 17 April '08
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Schwitters Mighty Box

Go Alistair

Alistair does dynamic as he wrestles with the Box of Kurt Schwitters over in Langdale. The site is the garden in which Schwitters made his Cumbrian Mertz barn (funded by New York MoMA), now in the ownership of Littoral - an arts agency based in Lancashire. They are bringing the buildings, garden and Mertz barn back into use as a research/education centre. We are planting some of the Box as one of those urban place signs

Thursday 17 April '08
(from Grizedale Arts Blog)

Table Mountain

The Great Table of Cumbria

Oh boy, what a table, the conference table at the Malcolm Wilson Rally Headquarters in Cumbria. I was at a meeting there, something called Culture Cumbria - I know a contradiction in terms, but.

The venue was supposed to illustrate the great things of Cumbria, this mighty table must be one of them. The whole place was a kind of heart of Darkness experience, plastic trophies everywhere and a racing driver wife sensibility throughout married to this manly beast of design excellence. Looks like the kind of thing that a man that does all his Christmas shopping in Halfords would come up with, 'what's wrong with a steering wheel cover, an ideal ladies gift'.

The meeting did its usual Cumbria centric fanfare of self importance we were told that the Kendal Mountain Film Festival was the most diverse film festival in Europe, thats a film festival centred around one screen over a weekend, blows Edinburgh and London outta the water, The clue to the falseness of this statement is in the title of the festival - Mountain Films, not really leading in terms of diversity being mostly about mountains. Other great things we have include the largest outdoor art festival in Europe, all run on a budget of 30k - Munster shmunster. I could go on, but it really is too embarrassing.

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