Grizedale Arts

A Shop Called Horsefalling

22nd - 29th March

87-91 Great Ancoats Street, Manchester, M4 5AG

Open Sat and Sun 1100 – 1700 hrs; Mon to Fri 1200 – 1800 hrs

Horsefalling is a new shop in Ancoats created as part of Manchester Histories Festival.

In the 1800’s Ancoats had its very own museum, called the Manchester Art Museum. It was the brainchild of philanthropist and Ruskin disciple, Thomas C. Horsfall who sought to ‘alleviate the miserable dullness and emptiness of life lived by a very large proportion of the inhabitants of Manchester’.

Horsefalling is a new take on this history created with the users of 42nd Street, a charity working with young people under stress and experiencing mental health difficulties.

This Victorian shop is now a place for making and selling new products that are both beautiful and useful, to create a new ideal for life. This model room is to improve the world from Ancoats-out.

Laure Prouvost Wins Turner Prize

Laure Prouvost has won the 2013 Turner Prize with Wantee the work made with Grizedale Arts and members of the Coniston community for the Schwitters in Britain exhibition at Tate Britain earlier this year.

In order to milk this opportunity Wantee editions are still available at our online store.

Congratulations Laure.

John Ruskin Memorial Lecture

The 2013 John Ruskin Memorial Lecture by philosopher Simon Critchley is now online on our Artplayer channel.

Retreat Here

Lawson Park is now available to rent. Visit the Lawson Park Farm website for more information and how to book this historic hill farm and our HQ!


Anyang Public Art Programme

Grizedale Arts is taking part in the 4th Anyang Public Art Programme, South Korea

The project Commons Room opened on March 28 at the Kim Chung Up Museum (cool Korean architect from the modernist period)

The project creates a room that is social and aimed at making viable products with community groups and individuals, the idea being to create products that can be sold to support other interests. Everything in the Commons Room is considered to be outside of copyright.

A further Commons Room has been created as a craft park, dining room and playground - with a similar function and ambition. The project is a collaboration between Grizedale Arts, Sam Clarke (woodworker) Giles Round (artist/designer) John Atkinson (farmer) and Maria Benjamin (artist/food producer).

Click here for the APAP Website

Museum Of Arte Util

Grizedale Arts is currently showing in the Museum of Arte Util at the Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven as part of our 5 year project The Uses of Art with the L'Internationale confederation of European Museums.

Featuring the Honest Shop as a case study in Useful Art, the exhibition, developed with artist Tania Bruguera, runs until March 30.

The Office Of Useful Art

Our Office of Useful Art will be touring next to Ikon Gallery, Birmingham at the end of May.
The Office is part classroom part propaganda machine for the idea of Useful Art, recruting for the Useful Art Association and working in parellel to the Museum of Arte Util at the Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven where we will also be press ganging people into Useology from December 7th.
The Office of Useful Art is an ACE funded strategic touring programme project and part of our 5 year Europan project The Uses of Art: The Legacy of 1848 and 1989 with the L'internationale group of European museums.

The Honesty Shop

The Honest Shop at Coniston Institute is now up and running and open every day. Selling only locally produced products made by the village. Fresh veg from the surrounding gardens and allotments, freezer meals made by the Youth Club, alpaca knitwear from a nearby farm, home baking from many of the local ladies and much more!

Grizedale Arts is made possible by the ongoing support of

Arts Council England

Grizedale Arts is a partner of Tate, and exchanges programmes, ideas and skills with Tate and the Plus Tate family of visual arts organisations

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