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New Job - Making Things Work Better

Grizedale recently recieved funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation for the express purpose of developing the relationship between the Ruskin Museum, The Coniston Institute and Lawson Park (Gizedale Arts). We are now advertising for a person that would work for all three organisations to assess the viability and practical application of a partnership that would benifit the valley - constitutional, legal and managerial. This is an opportunity to re think and reset the way that heritage, culture and community combine as a dynamic force, developing how we live together, value and use what we have around us.

Full job description here


House Of Ferment On The Run - 24th And 25th September - Preston

The Harris Gallery in Preston hosts the House of Ferment this autumn for a 2 day programme of fermentation, demonstrations, films and eating (again? ed.). Full programme soon but for now it's on from 10am - 5pm - bring your veg and fruit and we will do strange things to it or you can. Try some things that will increase your gut flora diversity - you know you want to.

Function At The Junction

For a Fair Land - Grizedale's project at IMMA in Dublin - we have commissioned some short 'how to' films from Maria Benjamin and Marcus Coates - being actually useful films on how to make simple useable, desirable and achievable products and a creative fitness routine from Marcus - see them here

Nice Publication About Nice Things On Nice Paper

After Ford 151 is a hilarious romp through the Lawson Park design collection - originally published to accompany the exhibition of the same title it looks at the motivation and politics behind making, design and design movements. Lavishly illustrated with drawings by Jina Lee, accompanied by a preposterous text by Adam Sutherland. Ideal toilet book for the design interested at the startling price of £5 buy it here.

Buy Our Book Online

Kevin Reid performs (2003)Grizedale Arts - Adding Complexity to Confusion is a lavishly illustrated romp through the last decade of our projects and it's now available to BUY ONLINE HERE.

Grizedale Arts is made possible by the ongoing support of Arts Council England and South Lakeland District Council

Grizedale Arts is a partner of Tate, and exchanges programmes, ideas and skills with Tate and the Plus Tate family of visual arts organisations

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