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A Fair Land

Grizedale and Irish museum of Modern Art will be running thier residency programmes jointly through 2016

Projects start in April with a garden project and a series of seminars and 'making' weeks being programmed – updates on Facebook

The programme will result in the building of a model village complete with industry, education, housing and a growing field. Many arists that Grizedale works with will join forces with volunteers, community groups and artists - including: Sweetwater Foundation, Coniston building team, Maria Benjamin, Niamh Riordan, Francesca Ulivi, Motoko Fujita, Brenda Kerney, Emily Compton, Public Works, Somewhere, Ryan Gander, Jonathan Meese, Marcus Coates, Tania Brugeura and Suzanne Lacy and many more.

Opportunities for volunteers and interns from March onwards.

Junior Village Table

The Coniston Youth Club does it's first Junior Village Table event - a lunch for the 90th birthday of Margaret Proctor. 12th March - Coniston Institute Reading room - event full I am afraid!

Or/and Land - Pre Programme At Imma Dublin

Phase one of the Fair Land Project starts on 25th July. Following on from the buiding period the village will be host to 3 groups from different parts of the world and projects that Grizedale has previously worked with.

The first group we welcome are from the Village of Leytron in the Valais of Switzerland, they will work on the planting of the straw bale Glut Garden. They are followed by Coniston, Lake District - specifically the building team - who will be working on the house building and signage. The final group - who bridge to the public opening - are Sweetwater Foundation from South Side Chicago, a project that is building a new system/structure for a new way of living in a real life situation.

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